"Your body hears everything
your mind says"

Conscious Movement - Breath - Touch


Raising Consciousness

At Your Body Your Home we see a big gap between the challenges that the world faces today and our consciousness to deal with them and transform them into wisdom. Ancient cultures, which still have a connection to nature, inside and outside, still embody that higher level of consciousness. How about re-activitating that awareness that we, as part of nature, use to have, and fuse that with all modern technology, science and knowledge, living the best of both worlds?

As a body - breath - and movement addict, I feel it's my duty to bring back our full awareness of our body and mind, which gives us access to a much deeper and broader intelligence to face our current needs and challenges, on both an individual and collective level. 

With Your Body Your Home we help individuals, teams and organizations to fully embody ancient wisdom while using and creating the most amazing modern tools stepping into a whole new era of science, technology and wisdom.

In love and honor for our planet, humanity and all living beings,
Mieke Bruneel